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The investment by Libyan Africa Arab Investment Company (LAAICO) and Ghana Government in the establishment of GLAHCO has yielded positive results. Although the company went through the usual initial challenges, it has proved a great asset to the joint venture.

From 1996, the company had great gains in record profits. It has consequently paid dividends to shareholders in 1997 and 1998 financial years.

Apart from the activities of its subsidiaries, GLAHCO, as an investment company has began investing into the real estate sector of the Ghanaian economy.

Over the years, the company has acquired and invested in the real estate sector. Currently, it owns eight (8) executive residential facilities in East Cantonments, one executive house in North Labone Estates, a shopping mall and hotel (under construction) along the ever-popular Osu Oxford Street, a two-storey office building in Asylum Down and a bonded warehouse in the Tema Industrial enclave

Our clients include Banks, Mining firms, communication companies, Embassies and Breweries among others.

GLAHCO's Oxford Street mall a thirteen-storey shopping mall and hotel complex located on the Cantonments Road, Accra otherwise known as the Oxford Street. The complex has 5,580m2 of retail spaces, 650m2 of restaurants and food courts all served with two underground floors of car parking. Phase two of the project will add a 132 room hotel facility on twelve floors.

GLAHCO intends to create a bigger presence in the real estate sector to help improve the socio-economic welfare of the people of Ghana. This, it will do by ensuring very high standards are set and maintained in the development and use of its warehousing facility within the Tema Industrial Area, the GLAHCO Oxford Street Mall in Osu.

The company is hopeful that the creation of a business-friendly environment which has promoted stability in the country and potential attraction to investment will enable GLAHCO to take advantage of these to expand its investment-drive in economically productive areas in support of government objective and for the mutual benefit of the partners of the joint venture.

It is our hope that this commendable performance so far achieved will be sustained and improved upon in the coming years.