Ghana Lybian Arab Holding Company

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About us

Who we areGhana Libyan Arab Holding Company Limited (GLAHCO)

Ghana Libyan Arab Holding Company Limited (GLAHCO) is a joint-venture between the Libyan Arab African Investment Company (LAAICO) and the Government of Ghana with participating interest of 60% and 40% equities respectively.

GLAHCO is foremost an investment company, which was incorporated in 1982 with its head office in Accra.

GLAHCO's economic and business investments extend to Hotel and Tourism Development, Commercial Agriculture, Trade and Commerce, as well as a Real Estate Development.

The Holding Company has staff strength of 35 at the Head Office. Total number of employees in GLAHCO and its subsidiaries is about 423.

The subsidiary companies are GLAHCO Hotels & Tourism Development Company Limited (GHTDCO) and Ghana Libyan-Arab Agricultural Company Ltd (GLAACO).